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We are a music teacher's organization of over 1,000 members teaching throughout the state in independent studios, private and public schools, conservatories, colleges and universities. CAPMT offers a variety of programs for the music student and educational and professional opportunities for its member teachers.

CAPMT is the California state affiliate of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).

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January 20, 2014

Dear CAPMT Members,

Happy New Year!

Thank you to all the CAPMT local associations and individuals who contributed to the MTNA Foundation Fund, in honor of Kathryn Hull. We made our goal and Kathryn will be honored as an MTNA Foundation Fellow at the MTNA Foundation Fund Gala on Monday, March 24th at the Chicago MTNA Conference. Congratulations Kathryn!

The 2014 CAPMT Conference is around the corner (January 31st – February 2nd) at the Santa Clara Hyatt and thanks to everything being online you can still register. The link is on the State Conference page of, the CAPMT Facebook page and you should have all received Conference flyers.

There are several options for registering: A full day Saturday registration will admit you to the Peter Mack Master Class, his presentation and his recital as well as the Technology room and presentations by Jyoti Hench, Jackie Petitto, Deborah How and James Ramos.  You may purchase individual tickets to Peter Mack’s Saturday recital if you’re unable to attend during the day on Saturday. You may also purchase Sunday tickets with or without the lunch.

On Sunday there is a presentation on the RCM/MDP assessment program with Janet Lopinski, (Chief Examiner) and Deborah How. Hans Boepple will be giving a lecture followed by his Master Class that will be followed by a Q and A session with Peter and Hans. The Conference ends with a celebration lunch, during which we will honor Barbara Day Turner, Director of the San Jose Chamber Orchestra with the CAPMT Achievement Award.  We will be honoring the Pasadena Conservatory of Music and Director Stephen McCurry with a CAPMT Lifetime Achievement Award as well. It will be a very full 2 days with all the CAPMT final competitions, the RCM/MDP California Recital of Excellence, the Winners Concert and I do hope to see very many of you there.

It has been an honor and a privilege being CAPMT President for close on 4 years and (as previously arranged) I have submitted my resignation, effective March 31st 2014 to the CAPMT Board. I am thrilled to be passing the gavel to President-Elect Jennifer Snow whom I know will be an inspiring leader.

Very Best Wishes to all,


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Minutes from 2013 Annual General Meeting: CAPMT Annual General Meeting.doc

Summaries of minutes from the CAPMT Executive Board meetings will now be posted online.  Click here to download a summary of the February, 2014 minutes: CAPMT Minutes Summary Feb. 2014.doc

Due to increasing disclosure requirements by the IRS, your state board, with the consultation of professionals in the field of non-profit law, have created this investment policy for the CAPMT Endowment.

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