Piano Auditions

Piano Auditions Brief Overview

  • Levels 1-10

  • Two Solo Pieces - memorization required: One piece must be from the syllabus; scroll down below for 2020 exceptions

  • One Accompanied Piece (piano duet/4 hands or piano duo) - memorization not necessary; scroll down below for 2020 exceptions

Piano auditions provide an opportunity for piano students of all ages, including college students and adults, to perform solo and accompanied music at the Chapter or District Level.

Piano Auditions are designed to encourage and motivate students through the evaluation of prepared solo and accompanied literature chosen from the CAPMT Piano Auditions Repertoire List.  Students are rated 1–5 (5 being the best), with those receiving a 5 being invited (but not required) to perform at the CAPMT Northern Festival or CAPMT Southern Festival.

CAPMT Student Program Guidelines

  • CAPMT members submitting applications for CAPMT Student Programs must have paid State and National dues before the application deadline. Non-CAPMT members are assessed an additional non-member fee. 

  • It is the responsibility of each CAPMT teacher to abide by these Guidelines. Failure to abide by the Guidelines will result in disqualification of the applicant.

  • Late applications forms will not be accepted.

  • Communication regarding any CAPMT Student Program must be between the teacher and the student program chair for that chapter/district. It is inappropriate for a student or parent to contact any CAPMT Board Member.

  • Decisions of the adjudicators are final.

  • Teachers, applicants, parents/guardians may not converse with adjudicators before, during, or after any CAPMT evaluated program with regards to that program.

  • In competitive programs, the student must have studied with the teacher a minimum of six of the past nine months in all stages of the competitions. This rule does not apply to non-competitive programs, such as Auditions. 

  • A teacher may enter students in CAPMT Student Programs either (a) in the chapter/district where the student has permanent residence, or (b) in the chapter/district where instruction takes place.

  • Use only the current application form for each CAPMT Student Program; all others are ineligible.

  • There are no refunds of application fees in the event of non-participation.

CAPMT Student Programs: Music Rules

*For CAPMT Auditions 2020, no scores will be required for upload. 

  • Entrants will abide by all U.S. Copyright Laws and, when applicable, have permission to use all music given to judges and accompanists during all phases of the auditions/evaluations/competitions. 

  • Entrants will examine their music to make sure it corresponds exactly to repertoire listed on Application form.

  • Photocopies: Music Release Forms will no longer be required at all levels of the auditions/evaluations/competitions. Before starting the application process, all entrants have agreed to abide by U.S. Copyright Laws. Entrants have stated that they have the right to use whatever music is presented at all levels of the auditions/evaluations/competitions.

  • Scores purchased online and downloaded/printed must be accompanied by a receipt.

  • Public Domain scores downloaded/printed must be accompanied by a printout of the URL.

  • All measures must be numbered at the beginning of each system.

  • Names and/or identifying information do NOT need to be covered on music.

  • Entrants forfeit consideration for any placement (scores to qualify for the festivals) but may play for comments only if: 1) All music listed on the application is NOT presented for examination at registration; 2) Entrant is not prepared to perform or has not provided all music listed on the application.

Application Window: September 1, 2020 through December 1, 2020

Teachers must assist in the running of the program on the day of the Piano Auditions at the Chapter level, when the event is held live.

Performance Time Limits

  • Levels 1–3: 10 minutes

  • Levels 4–6: 12 minutes

  • Levels 7–10: 15 minutes

Performers will be stopped if the maximum allotted time is reached; this will not affect the student’s score.

Application Fees

  • Levels 1–3: $35

  • Levels 4–6: $40

  • Levels 7–10: $45

Application Fees Surcharge for students of Non-CAPMT Members - $20
Application Fees will only be accepted ONLINE via credit card payment.

Please read the current CAPMT Student Program Guidelines above.  Deviation from these rules may result in disqualification.

Repertoire Rules & Guidelines

  • Determine repertoire choices from the CAPMT Piano Auditions Repertoire List. Piano Auditions Repertoire is divided into Levels 1 through 10.

  • The placement of the student is the responsibility of the teacher.

  • There can be no repertoire changes at any point in the auditions.

  • The student will perform three works from the same level

    • Two solo pieces: One of the two solo pieces must be from the CAPMT Piano Auditions Repertoire List

      • Students should select only one movement of a Sonatina or Sonata and may select one part of a set of variations, suite, or prelude & fugue.

      • Solo pieces must be memorized.

    • All applicants will still be required to learn one solo according to the repertoire list. The second piece selection can be virtually anything. Therefore, we highly encourage the use of composer's music who hail from anywhere and everywhere: living composers, female composers, composers of color, improvisations, arrangements, movie scores, video game music, anime themes, and jazz. 

    • One accompanied piece: Must be from the CAPMT Piano Auditions Repertoire List
    • The student plays the primo part.
    • Applicants must provide their own accompanist.
    • It is recommended that the teacher not accompany his/her own student in the Piano Auditions. Whenever possible, another student, a parent, or other accompanist should play the secondo part.

    • Students should select only one movement of a concerto or multi-movement work.

      Duets and concerti on the repertoire list are still being accepted for 2020, and performers who are not able to record a duet is permitted to record a non-memorized solo including but not limited to a female or BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) composer.

      Click HERE to for a suggested additional repertoire list for the 2nd solo piece or ensemble piece. 

*CAPMT reserves the right to make changes to the 2020 Auditions program as needed*

Online Registration open from September 1, 2020 - December 1, 2020  (extended deadline)*Videos will be uploaded and payment will be processed part the one-step online registration process, no later than December 1, 2020 PST

 Audition Dates and Venues 2021

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