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Certificate Program

CAPMT officially adopted The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program (RCM Certificate Program) of The Royal Conservatory of Music  as its national assessment system standard for all instruments and voice in Fall 2011.

CAPMT has established the CAPMT-RCM Scholarship Fund to assist students of CAPMT Teachers who qualify for financial aid to offset or partially offset RCM Certificate Program performance and/or academic assessment registration fees.


With the NEW RCM Certificate Program “Remote Exam Program”, students no longer need to wait for an exam session to complete their Practical or Theory exams. All RCM exams can now be completed on the candidate’s schedule and from the comfort of their own home or their teacher’s studio. Same quality program, same College of Examiners – open scheduling. Students can take any RCM Practical or Theory exam when they feel prepared and at any time of year! Teachers can set their annual goals for each student well in advance and on their individual schedule. Students may schedule their exams in the future for any year, any month and any day between 9:00 – 9:00pm. IDEA! A great Summer project would be teaching towards an end-of-summer Certificate Exam. It will keep your studio active during June-July and give students a great summer project with a clearly defined goal!



The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program is endorsed by CAPMT as its state student certificate program. Check the Teacher Portal for the most up to date information regarding assessment registration and deadlines.

Royal Conservatory Certificate Program  takes  students on a journey from the very beginning levels to professional  certificates of achievement by organizing repertoire and skills in  gently advancing levels to guarantee successful growth and development.  Appropriate for students of ALL ages, the Royal Conservatory Certificate  Program focuses on building instrumental and musicianship skills by  integrating diverse repertoire, technique, aural training, sight reading  and theory to “Inspire the desire to aspire.” Join scores of your CAPMT colleagues and hundreds of their students in the Royal  Conservatory Certificate Program!

Royal Conservatory Certificate Program is distinguished by:     

  1. Complete and comprehensive nature of its curricula
  2. Professional assessments of progress conducted by trained and certified adjudicators
  3. Specialist adjudicators for piano, strings, winds, voice and more. Click for a complete list
  4. Growth toward advanced repertoire for pianists with origins designed around mainstream and popular method series.
  5. Flexibility to welcome choice repertoire at all levels.

Getting started:
For help getting started, please contact Carrie Campbell at
or Stephen Pierce at Click  HERE to  learn more!

Step 1: Create Your Teacher Account Number

Step 2: Download Your Syllabus

Step 3: Where to Start Your Student!

California Region RCM Celebration of Excellence Recitals

More information coming soon.